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ExpandIT field service management - A software solution for improving customer service and sales.

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Field Service Software

Send the right people to the right job with the right tools.

    • Connect your Dispatchers and Field Teams with the tools and information they need. Our field service solution will help you digitize your workflow, eliminate paperwork and improve scheduling. Everything you need in one solution - resource planning, time and material tracking, reporting, customer portal, and more.

Case Study:

CK Power

  • Learn how ExpandIT has helped CK Power, a leading manufacturer of power units and power generation solutions, improve their field service business by increasing efficiencies, reducing errors, and invoicing faster.
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5 signs it is time to invest in a field service solution

Your business is growing, administrative tasks are overwhelming, duplication of work is abundant, errors and manual processes are slowing your down, and your competitors are a step ahead - does any of this sound familiar? If it does it is time to invest in a field service solution.


Why our customers love ExpandIT

“We believe that customer service is of utmost importance. To achieve effectiveness, we needed a system with an agile, scalable planner that would allow us to have complete control over how we prioritize jobs.”


“The ExpandIT system is quick and easy for service gardeners to record all the necessary information, and the data is immediately distributed to the correct areas in the ERP system.”

-Jydsk Planteservice

  • “As the job load multiplied, we faced many challenges to keep track of all tasks and all carpenters. But with many smaller jobs, you must be able to see the big picture. With ExpandIT’s solution, we can see where people are at all time and we can plan ahead.”