Jydsk Planteservice A/S Case Study

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Jydsk Planteservice A/S

Jydsk Planteservice A/S is Denmark’s largest supplier of plant solutions for businesses and public institutions – and one of its primary tasks is to service and care for the plants in offices throughout Denmark.

Business Situation

All +4000 customers receive regular visits by a service gardener who fills out a service report for each visit. Previously, this task was done on paper, but now all service gardeners use electronic reporting via ExpandIT Mobile Service Management.

In the past, our service gardeners would fill out reports by hand upon job completion. It would be sent to the office and entered manually into the ERP system. It was a cumbersome process – 4,000 customers generate many pieces of paper,

said Pernille Bach, Back Office and BI Manager at Jydsk Planteservice.

So, in an effort to improve and streamline the process, the company went in search of a digital solution. And they found it in ExpandIT


Jydsk Planteservice A/S has offices in Århus, Køge, and Kolding. Paper reports from local branches were sent to the headquarters in Kolding, where the information was entered into the ERP system.

We had been talking about getting an optimized system for a while, since time is the most important factor for us. It could take up to 14 days before the information in a report was entered into the system. And since our clients receive a service visit roughly every three weeks, there were times we didn’t realize we needed to order something,

said Pernille Bach.

The new system is quick and easy for service gardeners to record all the necessary information, and the data is immediately distributed to the correct areas in the ERP system.


Jydsk Planteservice has been very happy with ExpandIT’s Mobile Service Management. The system is completely tailored to the company’s processes: Service gardeners can use their mobile phone to see their tasks for the day, track their time, register plant replacements, and order new products.

Jydsk Planteservice and ExpandIT are currently in the process of expanding the solution to include implementing sales and delivery orders in the system.

Now service gardeners can make a sale without worrying that an item has sold out. Service gardeners have access to our plant and pot catalog, so sales occur when the customer is ready for it. The system is very smart and the process goes very quickly,

said Pernille Bach.

ExpandIT’s Mobile Service Management has also increased customer satisfaction, not only because customers get new products faster, but also because they have an electronic inspection report in their inbox immediately after a service call.

Jydsk Planteservice has been very happy working with ExpandIT.

The collaboration has worked very, very well. We have experienced great support, and ExpandIT has been excellent at understanding our business and understanding the solution,

said Pernille.