Raunstrup Case Study

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Business Situation

Raunstrup is a large construction and joinery company with three divisions: construction, carpentry, and building services. The company began some years ago working to increase the number of smaller service tasks—and succeeded.

However, they were so successful that the paper-based workflow could no longer keep up.

In our building service department, we have some solid partners like insurance companies that use Raunstrup for service tasks. This results in many small jobs, and we were especially challenged by the sheer volume of the small service jobs,

said Søren Kristensen.

The carpenters registered time and materials consumption on paper forms and the forms were handed over to building managers who had to approve it. Finally, the filled forms were sent to accounting and manually entered in the administrative systems. The paper had to go through a lot of time consuming stages before we could create an invoice, and it was simply too much,

he elaborates.


Raunstrup looked for digital tools to optimize both case management and planning while getting all time entries automatically into the ERP system.

We studied the market and opportunities, and it turned out that the solution ExpandIT could offer was the right one for us,

says Søren Kristensen.

Raunstrup purchased a two-part solution from ExpandIT, so carpenters only had to track the type of job they are doing.

Service carpenters who have many smaller jobs can access ExpandIT Service Management using a tablet to record time, take pictures, communicate with the construction manager and the customer, and add information about each case. Some carpenters can even create cases, which has reduced the time on a project significantly, because previously it was only the construction managers who could create new cases,

said Søren Kristensen.

Carpenters on the larger sites, working on major tasks, can use ExpandIT Time, which allows them to enter time on a daily basis via their phone.

With the number of smaller service jobs increasing, Raunstrup also needed to create an overall plan.

As the job load multiplied, we faced many challenges to keep track of all tasks and all carpenters. But with many smaller jobs, you must be able to see the big picture. With ExpandIT’s solution, we can see where people are at all time and we can plan ahead,

said Søren Kristensen.


The system is now fully implemented, but the collaboration between Raunstrup and ExpandIT doesn’t end here.

We have big plans, and the need for the functionality provided by ExpandIT increases as we constantly strive to optimize our planning—especially in expanding the service department,

says Søren Kristensen.