Scheduling and Billing Software for Operations

Streamline Your Operations

Finance and service employees are the backbone of the business. Providing them with access to relevant real-time information will not only make them more effective at their jobs but it will have a direct impact on cash flow. Automating and streamlining scheduling and billing eliminates bottlenecks making finance and service employees more productive. It reduces duplicate and redundant work, and enables the company to scale quicker and easier.

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Key benefits ExpandIT Field Service software provides to operations employees include:

ExpandIT Streamlined Billing screen image

Streamlined Billing

The ExpandIT solution streamlines scheduling and billing, enabling companies to ensure time, expenses and other critical information is logged properly and electronically. Eliminating paper keeps records organized and accounting can be done easily, without wasting time re-entering data and re-calculating information.

ERP Integration

ExpandIT seamlessly integrates to back-end systems and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, NAV, and F&O/AX allowing the business to shorten the service to invoice cycle and improve cash flow. Customers no longer need to call finance staff to pay bills, it can now be done online.

ExpandIT ERP Integration screen image
ExpandIT Approval Workflow screen image

Approval Workflow

ExpandIT enables companies to ensure that all work orders and associated tasks have the required approvals from stakeholders. By digitizing the approval workflow companies can eliminate paper forms, saving time and resources, and significantly reducing the amount of credit memos.

Ensure Compliance

Reduce errors from paper-based forms and check-lists. Capture electronic signatures, create, store, and access field reports, safety and inspections forms, and other key documents digitally. Keep all information on the customer’s digital file for future record keeping and compliance needs.

ExpandIT Ensure Compliance screen on mobile phone
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