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Field Service

ExpandIT Field Service

ExpandIT Field Service software puts information at your service technicians’ fingertips - digitally. Easily track key information, access up to date data, view a real-time overview of job related information, complete checklists and provide photographic proof of work completed. This enables your organization to streamline the order flow from field worker through to the accounting system and improve cash flow with faster billing. The improved transparency and better documentation increases customer satisfaction and enhances compliance.

ExpandIT Field Service report screen on tablet

Easily Track Key Information

Service technicians can quickly find their way to service jobs using the navigate icon. Once there they can easily register time usage, consumption of parts, and other expenses or fees through ExpandIT Field Service. Time usage is logged automatically, including travel to/from a job. Service technicians can register service type, fault reason, fault area, symptom, fault, and resolution. ExpandIT Field Service works both offline and online, meaning service orders can be edited anytime and anywhere.

Paper is eliminated by using electronic reports that cannot be misplaced, ripped, or rained on. Signatures and paperwork are not forgotten by making them a mandatory part of the service process.

Up To Date Data

ExpandIT Field Service integrates with Microsoft Dynamics ERP systems. This means data can be retrieved as required, enabling service technicians to prepare more effectively for a service visit and increase first time fix rates. They can view all jobs scheduled for any given day, week, or month. For individual jobs the service technician can see the scheduled time, location, planned material and messages from the dispatcher. The service technician can record time against the job and add materials and attachments.

ExpandIT Field Service scheduling screen on tablet
ExpandIT Field Service status screen on mobile phone

Real-Time Overview

With information being updated in real-time, the ExpandIT Field Service ensures both dispatchers and field technicians have an accurate overview of co-workers and jobs. Technicians can work on specific tasks for a job and check them off as completed. All jobs show their current status, and when the job is done the service technician can, if needed, go through the consumption with the customer and clarify any misunderstandings. As soon as a job is complete the data flows all the way through to invoicing in just a matter of minutes.

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