Field Technicians

Field Technicians

Field technicians are the face of your company. They are in the field each day performing a variety of services for your customers. Providing them with access to relevant real-time information will not only make them more effective at their jobs but it will have a direct impact on customer satisfaction.  It is more than just getting the right person to the right job, it is getting the right person to the right job with the right tools and right information.

Key benefits the ExpandIT solutions provides to field technicians include:

ExpandIT view schedule screen on mobile phone

View Schedule

Connect technicians with the informantion they need to work quickly and efficiently. With ExpandIT field technicians can quickly view their work order schedule on their mobile device, tablet or computer. This enables them to efficiently plan and organize their time.

Track Time and Materials

ExpandIT enables field technicians to digitally record all activities associated with a job. Whether it is pictures, job details, notes, or materials used, with ExpandIT information can be captured both online and offline. This enables field technicians to input information immediately and not wait until they are back in the office or have internet access.

ExpandIT Track Time and Materials screen on tablet
ExpandIT Access History screen on mobile phone

Access History

With ExpandIT your field technicians have access to the complete repair history associated an account. This enables them to have an accurate view of the account and make informed decisions, based on up-to-date information, about how to approach and handle new repair jobs.

Complete Checklists

Checklists are important for ensuring all of the work associated with a job is completed. ExpandIT enables your field technicians to access digital checklists created in the software and capture the status of items easily on their phone or tablet. This real-time capture of information is beneficial for not only the field technician but also the customer and company.

ExpandIT Complete Checklists screen on mobile phone