Resource Planners

Resource Planners

Resource Planners are the heartbeat of your company. They are responsible for more than just getting the right person to the right job, they are focused on getting the right person to the right job with the right tools and right information and most importantly, keeping the customer informed. Providing them with access to relevant real-time information will not only make them more effective at their jobs but it will have a direct impact on customer satisfaction. 

Key benefits the ExpandIT solution provides to resource planners include:

ExpandIT Graphical Planning image on screen

Graphical Planning

Empower resource planners to make smart decisions, by providing them with all of the information they need in one place. ExpandIT provides resource planners with  real-time visualization of key parameters for scheduling work orders, such as job completion status, estimated travel time, geo-position, and more. This not only enables resource planners to easily plan and assign jobs to field technicians, but also track time, materials and other resources, which can be validated before flowing into the ERP system.

Live Updates

ExpandIT provides resource planners with access to live information. Whether it is information updates from field technicians, changes in the ERP system, requests from customers or other real-time information, ExpandIT enables resources planners to respond to changes as soon as they arise and ensure they make informed business decisions.

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Push Messages

ExpandIT enables resource planners to quickly share information and updates with technicians in the field without having to call them on the phone. Information can be communicated easily by text, email, or internally in the software. Technicans can access updates from their mobile phone, tablet or computer. Additionally, push messages are also a great way to keep customers informed of the status of service jobs.

Location Services

ExpandIT provides the relevant real-time information needed to effectively plan jobs and allocate resources, including a built-in map that shows the location of service technicians, the location of jobs and estimated travel time. This enables resource planners to make informed decisions about the right person for the job when geography is a factor. Information can be communicated easily to service technicians by text, email, or internally in the software.

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