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CK Power is a leading manufacturer and distributor of power units and power generation solutions for a variety of markets and customers.

Watch this video case study to learn how ExpandIT has helped CK Power improve their field service business by increasing efficiencies, reducing errors, and invoicing faster.


In the video, CK Power discusses how using ExpandIT software for digital time registration and planning has impacted their business. Now as soon as the registrations are made in the field, they can be seen in ExpandIT. This means that CK Power can not only invoice faster but that they can constantly optimize the planning of the tasks in the planning tool. The planning tool has many functions that CK Power uses, including the map function to locate the service technician who is closest to the job. As soon as a new job comes in, they schedule it for an employee in the scheduling tool. The service technician can see the job and all its details in the mobile app.

CK Power stores everything in ExpandIT and no longer worries about worksheets being lost or ruined. This is not only an advantage for the office, but also for the service technicians who have all the information easily accessible in the mobile app. In addition, it means a higher invoicing rate and better earnings.

Prior to ExpandIT, CK Power used pen and paper and it took a long time from when a task was performed in the field until it was entered into the systems. They have experienced a significant difference in everyday life by switching to digital time management. CK Power is very satisfied with the solution and excited about what the future with ExpandIT has to offer.