ExpandIT Service Status


ExpandIT Essentials is designed with built-in redundancy for scalability and reliability in its very core. With load balancing and failover mechanisms spread across multiple datacenters, our customers run their critical operations smoothly 24/7 with minimal downtime. With multiple data centers and failover systems in place, your business can remain operational even in the face of unexpected events. 


Our services are hosted in Microsoft Azure, so in case of any service disruption, Microsoft will have resources working on the issue in all time zones and outside working hours.  

If you experience any irregularities with our service, please check the Azure Status page. 


The primary Azure regions that are used are “East US” for North America, and “West Europe” for Europe. 

Please note that ExpandIT has a service window, where updates may be applied to your environment: 


North America: Friday, Saturday and Sunday between 03:00 and 05:00 Eastern Time 

Europe: Friday, Saturday and Sunday between 02:00 and 04:00 CET 

The downtime should be less than 2 minutes. 


Should you experience issues outside the service window, and no service issues are listed in the Azure status page, please contact support.