Three Challenges Faced by Service Technicians

How Field Service Management software helps with three common challenges faced by service technicians

Service technicians are the bridge between their company and the customer. They are the ones in the field each day performing a variety of services for customers. However, they often face challenges that make them ill-equipped for a job, including scheduling conflicts, insufficient information, and incremental customer requests.

ExpandIT’s field service management solution can solve these challenges!

Scheduling Conflicts

Service technicians often struggle with double booked appointments and incorrect address information. ExpandIT’s Mobile Client provides service technicians with quick access to relevant real-time information including their work schedule. No more paper schedules or visits to the office to look at the scheduling board, their schedule is accessible immediately on their mobile device. This allows them to efficiently organize their time and ensures that they get to the right job with the right tools and right information.

Insufficient Information

Far to often service technicians arrive at a jobsite underprepared. Job information and details have changed, but have not been communicated to the technician. ExpandIT Field Service Management software ensures service technicians have access to accurate, real-time information about a job or work order, prior to reaching the jobsite. This allows them to make informed decisions about how to approach and handle their new job or service order without going to and from the office. Additionally, they can capture pictures, job details, and additional notes, while on the job, ensuring the next service technician has a complete overview of previous work and access to the historical records.

Customer Requests

Service technicians often meet customers during their visit to a jobsite. When this occurs, customers typically have questions for the technician, such as job status, invoices about previous jobs, requesting additional services, and more. However, technicians often do not have the answer to these inquiries, at least not immediately. ExpandIT Field Service Management software enables service technicians to answer some customer questions while they are on site. For the inquiries technicians are not able to answer immediately, such as viewing past invoices, technicians can direct customers to the ExpandIT Service Portal where customers have access to other services.

See how ExpandIT solves these common challenges by signing up for a demo with our experts!

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