Customer Service Standards

The ExpandIT customer service standard program is designed to improve our services and relationships with our partners, resellers and end-customers.


Partners with customer licenses current on ExpandIT Software Assurance have access to:


  • partner.expandit.com.
  • commerce.expandit.com.
  • product releases, service packs and hot fixes.
  • support@expandit.com.
  • license mobility.
  • license investment protection*
  • source code escrow**

*When you upgrade to a higher feature level you pay only the difference between the two feature levels.
**Source code is available at www.MillerRosenfalck.com to all customers on current software after verification by receivers. Priority access available per agreement directly with MillerRosenfalck.


Our goals are:


  • To create a benchmark for ourselves on client service standards.
  • To provide a consistent level of service that fulfills the needs and meets the expectations of each individual client.
  • To outshine our competitors by providing an consistent and effective service.


General benchmarks for communication:


  • Being polite, friendly, and professional with clients at all times.
  • Listening carefully to requests and giving an accurate and efficient response.
  • Reiterate the response in an email sent on behalf of either sales (at) expandit,com or support (at) expandit.com.
  • Use and encourage partners, resellers and end-customers to use sales (at) expandit.com or support (at) expandit.com to ensure a consistent service level and an audit trail.
  • Ensure explicit and documented communication whether an issue/request requires additional charges or is covered by software assurance.
  • If needed, asking questions to ensure the request is fully and clearly understood, with special focus on the reason for the issue/request asking both ‘what’ and ‘why’ questions.
  • Being on time for appointments and ensuring guests are made welcome when visiting us.
  • Checking that the end-customer was satisfied with the service following conclusion of the issue every time.
  • Being in regular contact with our partners, resellers and end-customers.
  • Ensuring our partners, resellers and end-customers understand what is included/not included in our software and services. This includes an obligation to refuse to enter business ventures were one or more of the parties are likely not to have understood the extend and scope of the ExpandIT offering.


Benchmarks for telephone calls:


  • All teams should use professional answering services to ensure full concentration and efficiency of the programmers.
  • A matrix with issue/request type, primary and secondary contact should be shared between the answering services and the individual teams.
  • Calls to be returned by fee earner to deal with specific query within 24 hours.


Benchmarks for emails:


  • Response time to support (at) expandit.com and sales (at) expandit.com within 2 hours.
  • Substantive response (for example a fix) to support (at) expandit.com according to ExpandIT End-user License Agreement.
  • Substantive response (for example a proposal) to sales (at) expandit.com within 2 days.
  • Response time to personal emails within 24 hours.
  • Use ‘Out of Office Assistant’ if absent for more than 8 hours.
  • Always provide alternative contact such as sales (at) expandit.com or support (at) expandit.com


Benchmarks for complaints:


  • Written acknowledgement of receipt of complaint 2 working days.
  • Produce substantive response within 14 days of relevant information being received.
  • All complaints must be logged at either sales (at) expandit.com or support (at) expandit.com.
  • Material complaints to be analyzed on board level.