Corporate and Social Responsibility

At ExpandIT we recognize the responsibility we have to our local community, our business community and the way in which our business can impact on the wider world.


As an organization we are therefore implementing a corporate social responsibility program which we believe not only ensures that we act responsibly in respect of our partners, resellers, customers, employees and the environment, but offers us a real and sustained competitive advantage.


Through a range of policies, measurable targets and management led projects ExpandIT is committed to:


  • Limiting the impact which our business has on the environment and to manage effectively environmental risk through good practice and innovation; in particular by reducing the number of computers and servers used by ExpandIT and by creating software solutions that enable our end-customers to run their business more effectively.
  • Creating a working culture that respects the diversity of our teams, our clients and our business partners.
  • Taking an active and significant role in supporting community projects, local sports, arts and charitable causes which are meaningful to our teams and clients.
  • Encourage our teams to lead, participate and support various community and not for profit organizations on a voluntary basis.
  • Provide pro bono IT advice to charities, private clients and not for profit businesses.
  • Provide a stimulating, safe and secure working environment for our teams, a way of working that promotes good health and a career which offers all the benefits of a sound work/life balance.