Resource Planning and Dispatching Software

Resource Planning Software

ExpandIT Resource Planning helps simplify the management and scheduling of field technicians. This scheduling software receives real-time updates from the field, allowing for real-time visualization of key parameters for resource allocation, such as job completion status, estimated travel time, sickness, holidays, technician skills, geo-position, and more. This not only enables dispatchers to easily plan and dispatch jobs to field technicians, but also track time, materials and other resources, which can be validated before flowing into the ERP system. The software enables dispatchers to communicate with both the customer and field technicians using SMS, email or phone.

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ExpandIT Resource Planning schedule view on computer screen

Scheduling Software

ExpandIT Resource Planning empowers dispatchers to make smart decisions, by providing them with all of the information they need in one place. It enables dispatchers to easily schedule and adjust plans as information changes or updates are made.

It includes a Planning Board that is designed to use the available information from Microsoft Dynamics ERP systems in combination with information from the field to enable dispatchers to schedule resources and dispatch work orders.

Easily Track Technicians and Job Locations

ExpandIT Resource Planning includes a built-in map that shows the location of field technicians, as well as the location of jobs and estimated travel time. This enables dispatchers to make informed decisions and schedule the right person for the job. Information can be communicated easily to service technicians by text, email, or internally in the software.

ExpandIT Resource Planning map view on computer screen
ExpandIT Resource Planning tablet screen

Access Up To Date Data

ExpandIT Resource Planning integrates with Microsoft Dynamics ERP systems. This means data can be retrieved as required, enabling field technicians to prepare more effectively for a service visit. Jobs can be easily created and dispatched quickly, providing technicians with all the information needed to complete the job. Field technicians are able to accurately track tasks, materials and time associated with jobs and communicate important information through texts, email or internally in the solution.

The Approval Module can be used to review the job and fix hours, materials, etc. before it goes into the ERP system.

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