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Boyer & associates Parntnership with ExpandIT

ExpandIT and Boyer & Associates, each with their unique expertise, have come together to explore the importance of FSM and how it can transform businesses. By combining ExpandIT's FSM expertise and Boyer & Associates' ERP implementation capabilities...

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Ensure Compliance in your Field Service Industry
Ensure Compliance Infographic - Control checklist, inspection reports, documentation
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Streamline industrial equipment maintenance

Downtime is the enemy of most organizations, particularly manufacturing and industrial equipment companies. IndustryWeek estimates unplanned downtime costs industrial manufacturers $50 billion annually...

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Benefits of Service Management in Business Central

Dynamics 365 Business Central Service Management is typically used to manage service contracts, service orders, and service items. It provides the ability to identify parts for a service item, such as the original bill of material...

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How Does Field Service Software Benefit HVAC Companies

HVAC companies face many problems in their day-to-day operations that cause unnecessary stress and difficulties for employees. Regardless of size, most HVAC companies have customers calling in with emergencies...

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Top 3 Ways a Field Service Solution Improves Customer Satisfaction

The field service industry has undergone a massive evolution over the years. Technological advances, such as the Internet of Things (IoT) have dramatically changed how field...

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Keeping Customers and Employees Safe – The Power of Contactless Mobile Service

Contactless mobile service provides companies with a way to ensure the job gets completed while ensuring the safety of all involved. Let’s look at how contactless mobile service impacts the common interactions...

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3 Ways Field Service Software Helps Organizations Achieve Operational Excellence

Great service organizations have perfected organizational excellence. They have adjusted processes to reduce costs and maximize output. Whether service organizations are striving to be innovative...

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Best Practices For Dispatchers - How To Eliminate Paperwork, Redundant Reporting And Manual Administrative Work

Let’s admit it - some work tasks seem tedious and redundant over time. It’s these manual time-consuming tasks that take time away from what really breathes life into your business, such as providing...

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Three Common Challenges Faced By Service Technicians

Service technicians are the bridge between their company and the customer. They are the ones in the field each day performing a variety of services for customers. However, they often face...

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Top 5 ways Service Management Companies Are Losing Money And How You Can Fix It

Time is money! Manual processes, scheduling and inefficient resource utilization, low first time fix rates and slow invoicing are losing you money each day. There is a light at...

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5 Signs That It Is Time To Invest In A Field Service Solution

Your business is growing, administrative tasks are overwhelming, duplication of work is abundant, errors and manual processes are slowing your down, and your competitors are a step ahead - does any...

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6 Myths About Digital Solutions

New technology has immense potential, but having realistic expectations of desired results is important. Expectations can relate to many different things, including the desired effect of the investment...

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8 Ways Service Software Optimizes Your Company

Streamlining service operations is crucial for service organizations to thrive. Manual processes often lead to delayed information sharing, an inadequate customer experience, and slow processing of invoices...

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Cloud-based vs. On-premise - 10 Considerations

Field service management software is essential in order to provide the best customer service and increase sales. Businesses looking to invest in a software platforms have a challenging decision to make - use software in the cloud or on-premise....

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5 Ways to Reduce Field Technician Frustration

Field technicians are your feet in the streets. They are the face of your company and the first point of contact for your customers, but they are often frustrated. Research in 2021 from The Service Council found....

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Usability is Key

While good usability often goes unnoticed, the impact of bad usability can be significant. A user-friendly interface can improve efficiency, reduce errors, and increase user adoption rates. In contrast, a confusing or clunky interface can lead to frustration and resistance to change

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Field Service Management - the Basics

This eBook provides insights into the challenges around field service management and the ways digital software can help to tackle them - creating smarter, safer and more efficient businesses.

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6 Reasons to modernize your field service management

The only way to ensure a seamless customer experience is to know exactly what is going on with your customer. To convince you, we have listed six reasons why you should optimize your Field Service Management.

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The Challenges of Field Operations

Not every field service organization requires comprehensive enterprise management software to run their field operations, but many organizations are unsure how end-to-end field service management solutions cater more specifically to their industry.

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Simplify the management of your Field Operations

ExpandIT has found 95% of businesses who do installation and maintenance have similar processes. This doesn't mean your business isn't unique. It does mean that there are some standardized best practices for handling ....

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Best Practices for Dispatchers

While it’s important to think outside the box and look for new ways to succeed, there are still tried-and-true best practices of field service management that should be incorporated into the business. These range from improving field operations....

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Top 5 Ways Service Management Companies are Losing Money

Your service orders are on sheets of paper, your customer information is in a Rolodex or maybe a CRM system in the office, your field technicians pop by the office once a week to drop off paperwork. Sound familiar? Running....

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