Service Portal

ExpandIT Service Management Portal

ExpandIT Service Portal is a robust platform that encompasses all interaction with the customer, from ordering services, consumables and spare parts to seeing all information about service items, upcoming or previous work orders, documents, photos etc. It is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics ERP systems, sharing important information and data. The portal also integrates ExpandIT Resource Planning and ExpandIT Field Service, allowing for maximized productivity and substantial reduction of administration costs.

The ExpandIT Service Portal has its own Content Management System, which allows for full control over content and users. It allows for a combination between content from the ERP system (products, prices, etc), and user input.

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ExpandIT Service Portal on tablet

Customer Collaboration with Service Management

The intuitive design of the ExpandIT Service Portal allows for improved collaboration between dispatchers, field technicians and end-customers. Messages, pictures, documents and reports are instantly available to internal and external users. Customers can use the portal to generate digital work orders quickly, communicate about scheduled visits, confirm their availability and schedule future visits. Additionally, customers can access the same information in the portal as they do when they speak to a sales representative. The ExpandIT Service Portal includes B2B logic such as ledger entries and credit card payments of all invoices; all maintained in Microsoft ERP systems.

Document Work Order History

The ExpandIT Service Portal allows customers and technicians to view the full history of work orders on individual Service Items. This feature lets authorized users have full access to the latest information regarding type of work, materials used, items serviced, service certificates and more. Users also have access to upcoming services such as planned preventive maintenances or any scheduled visits. In addition, all accounting data, such as ledgers and invoices, are conveniently available through the platform and synchronized with live data from the ERP system.

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ExpandIT Service Portal Work Orders view on Macbook