Use ExpandIT’s Mobile Field Service Solution to send the right people to the right job with the right tools and materials. Empower your service technicians to get the job done and eliminate time-consuming paperwork. Improve customer satisfaction and organizational efficiency.

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Save time

Empower your field service technicians with great tools and eliminate time consuming processes and paperwork.  Allow your technicians to focus on the real reason they are in the field – solving problems and delighting your customers.

Reduce Errors

Eliminate misplaced paperwork. Reduce errors from paper-based forms and check-lists. Capture electronic signatures, create, store, and access field reports and documents digitally.

See how easy it is to create a checklist for offline use.

Offline functionality

Capture time and materials and create digital reports out in the field, even if there is no internet connection.

Signature captures

No paperwork for signatures, your technicians can get the customer’s signature electronically right on their device. Keep all information on the customer’s file for future record keeping needs.

Time, material, and expense tracking

Easily keep track of all expenses and time linked to a job. No paperwork that can get misplaced.

Web application

Our Mobile Field Service solution can be used on iOS, Android and Windows devices without installing an app

Faster Billing

Seamless integration to back-end systems and ERP allow the business to shorten the service-to-cash cycle and improve cash flow.

See how to post a service invoice in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Onsite Reports

You no longer need to use paper forms, allow your technicians to capture job information digitally. Perfect for checklists, safety forms, inspection forms and more.

"Cooperation with ExpandIT has been good and constructive throughout. They have been very open to customizations to match our business needs, and the challenges we’ve had along the way have been resolved quickly and with humor. Dynamics AX and ExpandIT Mobile fit each other perfectly because both solutions have open application code.”
Kurt Christensen, IT Manager, E&P Service
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