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STENHØJ Group Case Study

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Founded in 1917 and located in Jutland, Denmark, the STENHØJ Group specializes in automotive lifts, compressors, and hydraulic presses. In 1993, the company added services to its offerings. Today, the STENHØJ Group has experienced impressive growth, with 8 subsidiaries and 2 associated companies, employing approximately 500 people in 6 countries and exporting to more than 60 countries worldwide.

Business Situation

As the STENHØJ Group grew, it needed to increase the efficiency of the mobile fitters, reduce time for installations and repairs, and improve inventory management, both centrally and at each service vehicle. The paperwork also needed to be reduced so technicians could increase their effective working hours. Billing and internal processes were digitalized for a greater overview and reduced response time. 

As the company considered a solution it became clear that although they required a radical improvement of their current, mainly paper-based ordering system, they were happy with their ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning System). What they needed was a mobile solution for the installers that could be integrated with the company’s existing ERP and other systems without requiring changes to those systems and processes.


One of the reasons for choosing ExpandIT as a supplier was that they offered a solution that both transmits and presents data from our own ERP, without requiring changes to the existing logic. It is even a more elegant and significantly cheaper way to share information between our technicians and administrative staff than if we had to develop at the existing ERP or introduced a brand new system,

explains Niels Erik Rasmussen, IT manager of the STENHØJ Group.

The decision for investing in the ExpandIT solution was due to the recommendation from EG A/S – one of Scandinavia’s leading IT companies. Today, two years after the implementation, the STENHØJ Group has no doubt about the value of the solution, which provides:

  • Increased fitter efficiency – reduced training time and administration
  • Reduced waste through improved inventory management
  • Shorter lead time
  • Faster billing
  • Better planning as a result of increased overview

Before the implementation the STENHØJ Group had a lot of paperwork that our technicians and administrative staff spent hours handling. With ExpandIT's solution and the mobile units, all communication are now one hundred percent digital, so all employees have exactly the information they need - in real time. This leads to a rationalization and efficiency of our entire workflow; and enables the STENHØJ Group to respond more quickly and proactively than before.

ExpandIT has several years of experience with companies like the STENHØJ Group, and the understanding of the challenges and conditions of an organization with driving staff; is, according to Niels Erik Rasmussen, an important part of the reason for the successful cooperation.

ExpandIT knows our business from the other side of the table. They have a great understanding of our problems and understand the needs of a company like ours. In addition to they great courtesy and professionalism from ExpandIT’s side, they have also been very responsive to our requests during the process. With solutions like what we have been implemented, there will always be changes along the way and here we have experienced a high level of flexibility from start to finish. Finally, it is important for us that the system is not built for one particular type of device – it works both on phones, iPads and PCs without having to create separate versions, and it is in this way completely future proof.


We have been very satisfied with the ExpandIT partnership and the solution they offered. We have experienced a huge increase in efficiency in many areas. Things happen faster and we have extra time to serve our customers. The fact that we are now updated in real-time with orders, invoicing and inventory is a huge win; and makes a big difference daily. We can certainly recommend ExpandIT for similar tasks,

says Niels Erik Rasmussen.