More Jobs Completed, at a Lower Cost – Using ExpandIT Mobile

Digitalization of workflows has paid off well for Bolig-Gruppen, which now annually performs 10,000 services tasks for 2,400 tenants. The ExpandIT solution saves the company time and money on administration and resources which can now be allocated towards completing more service tasks.

It may not sound like much to save a few minutes on a task. But when you do it on 10,000 tasks a year, the few minutes add up to be significant, so it is worthwhile to invest in the technology that makes it possible.

Double the craftsmen with half the administration work

Since 1940, Randers Housing Association has recognized the potential of Bolig-Gruppen. The craftsmen’s department serves 2,400 tenants of the housing association. Planning and recording many of the service tasks now takes place in the ExpandIT Service Management System. John Holse, the Operations Manager, is very happy with the new system.

“In the past, as everything was paper-based, our field workers spent 45 minutes every morning on getting their assignments of new work orders (WO) and completing the WO from the day before. Now we spend 10 minutes getting an overview of today’s WO and yesterday’s completed WO. We simply save 35 minutes x 7 Dkr x 28 men – every day,” he explains.

The savings have also meant that the staff in Bolig-Gruppen has changed significantly.
“Previously, we had 16 people in the field and 2 administrative staff in the Office. Now we have 28 men in the field and 1 administrative officer to handle invoicing,” Holse notes.

The system is configured to Bolig-Gruppen

Bolig-Gruppen chose ExpandIT because there was a need for a Service Management system that could be configured specifically to the needs of Bolig-Gruppen.

“It is important for our work processes that the system be flexible. Therefore, we could not live with a standardized web solution but needed a solution on our own server and configured to our needs. The system we needed must, for example, work with our financial system, EG Centri Administration, with a specific tenant dimension used by the Housing association. ExpandIT has adjusted the Service Management System so it runs completely according to our requirements,” says Holse.

Bolig-Gruppen needed some changes to the ExpandIT Planning module so that it works with shipping addresses instead of customers. “This is quite practical as we only have ‘one customer’, Randers Housing association, but with 2400 different leases – thus delivery addresses,” John Holse explains. In addition, templates for work and quality inspections have been customized to work with the financial system.

Efficient working procedures and better service

The entire workflow for a task, from planning, to execution, to invoicing, is handled without need for paper.

“It starts with a requisition in our ERP system, which turns into a task/project (WO) with a number. This WO exports into a working document in ExpandIT Mobile. Then, the team leader distributes the WO in ExpandIT – or the employees select the WO themselves if it’s a minor task. With this workflow we save both time and money,” Holse emphasizes.
When a task is complete, the craftsman finishes his WO filing for his time spent and the materials used, so all the information is ready for approval and billing.
“We bill twice a day, and with 10,000 tasks to be billed each year, it’s so great that we are now able to do this very quickly,” concludes Holse.

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