Established in 1966, Manusa is a leader in the design, production, installation, and maintenance of automatic door systems.
Using specialized technology, the company provides its products to builders, developers, architects, and consumers throughout Spain, Portugal, and Brazil for a variety of locations, including airports, public transportation, hotels, restaurants, and shopping centers, as well as private homes.

Manusa’s success comes from a combination of quality products and exceptional customer service. Nearly 50 technicians are continually in the field, installing and maintaining systems for the company’s more than 12,500 customers, so it is critical for them to have access to tools that will keep them working as efficiently as possible in a mobile environment.

Manusa is always looking for ways to streamline and improve customer service. In 2010, the company made the decision to begin looking for a software solution with a mobile component that would enable the technicians to work more efficiently
while tying into its Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP solution to ensure smooth operations between the back office and the field and reduce administrative work in the back office.– while improving communications and customer service.

  • Technicians can access the company’s NAV system through a mobile device in real time to manage service orders, sales, and other transactions.
  • Paperwork, overlap, and many manual processes were eliminated.
  • Response times were significantly reduced.
  • Service requests on paper dropped from 100% to 10%.
  • The number of services per day increased from 50 to 66.

The key was to find a solution that would support processes involved in planning, scheduling, and executing jobs – from the time a call is received at the call center to final sign-off and invoicing.

“According to the way we work, we believe that customer service is of utmost importance”, said Jordi Carrasco, IT Manager. “To achieve effectiveness, we needed a system with an agile, scalable planner that would allow us to have complete control over how we prioritize jobs.”

To make technicians as efficient in the field as possible, the right solution would allow them to execute as many tasks as possible through their mobile device, including receiving, managing, and closing service orders, as well as having the customer sign off and sending the completed order directly into the NAV system without generating paper work orders. Ideally, the solution would also allow the technician to generate new requests for service and create invoices in the field if the job was paid by the customer on site.

Manusa was also concerned about finding the right partner to help them with their new solution – a partner that would work seamlessly with the company’s Dynamics NAV partner, possessing the understanding of NAV to ensure a tightly integrated solution.

“Apart from complying with our requirements, the main working environment was based on the planner, which is a crucial part in the functioning of the entire system, ExpandIT was the only one that prioritized the scheduler. All other market software
impinged more on the software engineer.” says Jordi Carrasco.

It was also of utmost importance to have a partner that would provide excellent support to ensure customer service levels weren’t compromised.

Manusa’s Dynamics NAV partner recommended ExpandIT Mobile Service.

After learning more about ExpandIT and watching an online demo of the product, Jordi and his team were confident that it was the right solution. ExpandIT Mobile Service solutions, including the Planning Board & Map, enable planners to schedule orders created in the company’s Dynamics NAV system and send them to the appropriate service technician in the field.
By providing planners with the real-time information they need, ExpandIT solutions help them make the right choices when it comes to assigning a job to the right technician, based on skill and geographic location.

Implementation and Results

With ExpandIT, technicians can access the company’s NAV system through a mobile device in real time to manage service orders, sales, and other transactions.
Even when there is no connection available, they can still access critical core information. Technicians can also create work orders in the field in real time, keeping planners informed and ensuring accurate invoicing. The open application code makes ExpandIT Mobile Service extremely flexible, allowing companies to evolve and stay competitive. Once the decision was made to move forward, implementation began in May of 2011, and the system went live just one month later.

All Manusa’s technicians are now using ExpandIT Mobile Service on their mobile devices, and the company began to see  results immediately.

“In general, the results have been satisfactory to fully align our needs with the result. Now that we have seen what ExpandIT can do, we want to use it to its fullest potential.” says Jordi Carrasco.

Unnecessary paperwork, overlap, and many manual processes were eliminated, and response times were significantly reduced. In fact, over a 24-month period, service requests on paper dropped from 100% to 10%. The average number of services per day also increased significantly – from 50 to 66.

These improvements have translated into increased customer service and satisfaction while saving the company money through reduced administrative costs. To further optimize communication with customers and suppliers, Manusa also implemented ExpandIT MailIT Utility, which also integrates with NAV. The company uses this utility to send correspondence including large volumes of newsletters, digitally signed invoices. Detailed information on closed service orders is automatically sent by email in less than 10 seconds to the customer.

Jordi says the company has been pleased: “In general, the results have been satisfactory to fully align our needs with the result.”
Now that Manusa is running smoothly with its ExpandIT solution, Jordi says the next step is to continue to implement ways to automate and streamline processes, such as automatic billing, working with variants, and using templates for most-used products.

Now that we have seen what ExpandIT can do, we want to use it to its fullest potential.”

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