LauRie A/S produces timeless and casual clothing for women in sizes 36-56/6-26, and the clothing is sold in more than 650 stores across Europe. The business started in 1987, and today the team has approximately 20 dedicated employees in Denmark.

The company was previously awarded with the “Gazelle price” (a fast-growing company that has at least doubled its revenue over a four-year period) and holds a AAA credit rating from Soliditet.

 ExpandIT helped with cost savings and efficiency

More precisely, it was the desire to continue to deliver a strong impact on the bottom line which inspired Jonas Bruun Nørgreen, Administration and Finance Manager at LauRie, to contact ExpandIT.

The company’s order system should be streamlined, and the entire workflow related to communication between headquarters and agents (sales people) in the field should be optimized.

Significant results from day one

The result was a collaboration with ExpandIT on a digital ordering and warehouse system combined with a mobile solution to the agents in the form of tablet PCs in direct contact with headquarters. After the first nine months LauRie had already been able to reap the benefits of the fully digital ordering system, including:

  • Estimated savings of one administrative employee in the sales department – approximately EUR 50,000/USD 68,000 per year
  • Ability to provide fully updated sales forecasts by negotiation with suppliers – all purchases are updated with “fresh” data, providing savings through cost optimization
  • Increased overview and faster “business processes”– shorter time from customer order to delivery of goods
  • More time for each customer – higher customer satisfaction

From handwritten order forms to complete digitization

Effective order management is important for a company that thrives on providing its customers the right clothes at the right time.

Therefore, the precise placing and processing of orders from the agents were an obvious focus area in connection to the work to increase the efficiency of LauRie’s sales department.

A cooperation based on trust and expert knowledge

“We look forward to expanding our relationship with ExpandIT, both because of the results we have already seen and the way they work. The strength of ExpandIT is that they are experts in the area of sales and do not need to reinvent the wheel every time.

They have some very good and very flexible sales solutions that extract data from your current ERP system, whatever it may be,” explains the Administrative and Financial Manager. He continues:

“Unlike many other IT vendors, it is always easy to get hold of the right people at ExpandIT. They make a point of being ‘inside’ and understand your business, and then they do what they promise – in general, trust and credibility mean a lot to us and on these points, ExpandIT has delivered all around. Furthermore, we have had some minor changes along the way, and they are always carried out easily and quickly,” he explains.

Laurie’s next moves

  • Minimize inventory
  • Provide storage insight for agents (sales people)
  • Optimize data for purchases and sales as inventory days are reduced

Strong recommendations from a satisfied customer

LauRie contacted ExpandIT at the recommendation of another company that had received an IT solution through the company, and Jonas Nørgreen did not hesitate to pass on the recommendation.

Currently, it saves us significant financial- and time-related resources in relation to having entered our orders. In the long term I have no doubt that it will create additional sales, and I strongly believe that it will improve our customer service level.”

– Jonas Nørgreen, LauRie A/S

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