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For over 10 years, ExpandIT Partners worldwide have implemented profitable solutions that leverage your investment in your ERP system by expanding its use to the Internet and on the street on handheld computers and laptops.

Using open application code, we enable your systems integrator to modify and implement mobile ERP solutions and web-applications.

eCommerce Solutions

ExpandIT Internet Shop allows you to quickly implement a high performance fully integrated e-commerce solution.

All customer and item information is maintained in your ERP system, and the ExpandIT Internet Shop is always open.



Internet Shop

Happy about your existing ERP System?

Do you have the perfect ERP system except that you would like to reap the benefits of connecting to your travelling professionals and to your customers?

Don't worry, you can most likely postpone a costly upgrade and get your system fully integrated to handheld computers, laptops, and the Internet.


ExpandIT Mobile

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Automation

Do you want to:

  • Schedule Navision backup?
  • Schedule Navision activities?
  • Log out inactive Navision users?
  • Email documents from any Microsoft Dynamics (formerly MBS) system? 
ExpandIT Utilities

Warehousing in your hands

The functionality of warehouse management withthe convenience of a hand-held device. ExpandIT Warehouse Management is a fully integrated warehouse management solution that allows you to achieve new levels of productivity and accuracy across the warehouse. Whether running inline or off, users can hadle warehouse tasks that synchronize seamlessless with your back-end system.


Mobile Warehouse Management

Set Up Your Personalized Webinar

Find out what benefits your company can realize by automating business processes, expanding your ERP with mobile solutions, or increasing profits with integrated e-Commerce with a personal webinar from ExpandIT. During a 1 hour session, your team can learn how ExpandIT Solutions can save time and money, improve customer satisfaction, and increase sales.  There is no cost to schedule a webinar and we can even customize them towards you or your client's specific needs.

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