Product Development

ExpandIT develops software using commercially available Microsoft technology components as a whole.

If a customer solution is viewed as a house, Microsoft delivers the building material; ExpandIT builds the foundation, the walls and the roof and an ExpandIT Partner builds the inner walls, does the interior decoration and provides janitorial services to the tenants. 

Microsoft & ExpandIT Roadmaps

ExpandIT follows the roadmap statements from Microsoft with reasonable diligence and uses commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that customers and partners using a combination of Microsoft and ExpandIT products will experience a synergy from the new versions of Microsoft and ExpandIT products.

Upon release of a new AX or NAV version, ExpandIT will test the compatibility of the new version with existing ExpandIT products and provide a roadmap for the individual products on the download page. 

Existing Microsoft software
ExpandIT uses commercially reasonable efforts to support older versions of Microsoft software, as a minimum as long as Microsoft provides support.

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