Environmental policy

We have created and will further develop our environmental policy by minimizing the production of waste through good working practice, economic recycling or reuse where possible.

ExpandIT is a non-smoking company. If an employee smokes on the premises it is considered a material breach of the employment contract so we kindly ask visitors not to smoke or encourage smoking.

Specific Aims
  • Cultivate a work ethic with a high level of awareness of waste minimization and recycling.
  • Promote economy in the use of paper and other consumables.
  • Encourage the purchase of recycled materials and those, which are suitable for disposal by recycling.
  • Favor suppliers who also have positive recycling and waste management practices and who operate according to sound environmental principles.
  • Encourage all employees to dispose of any waste according to local regulations, especially IT equipment and used batteries.
  • Minimize waste by encouraging the exchange, and reuse of equipment and materials. 
  • Develop a waste management strategy, which accommodates recycling procedures and initiatives. 
  • Continue to adhere to local recycling regulations and guidelines. 
  • Energy conservation, by turning off lights when rooms are going to be unoccupied, by using LED light bulbs, only turn on computers and monitors and other equipment over the period when it is required, and by consolidating the number of servers. 
  • Waste cardboard and paper, cans, bottles and plastic are all collected, sorted and stored according to local regulations and guidelines. 
  • Toner, inkjet cartridges and laser cartridges are handled according to local regulations or sent to an appropriate NGO such as Christian Aid.
  • Mobile phones are handled according to local regulations or sent to Envirophone, www.envirophone.com.
  • Old computers are stripped of their harddrives and passed on to employees or given to local charities for reuse and redistribution.

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