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ExpandIT MailIT for NAV:

Sending rich HTML-body emails with personalized content from Navision though SMTP is easy with ExpandIT MailIT Professional.

Or how about sending HTML-body emails with PDF-attachments though Outlook? Invest 1 hour and you will have at least two (2) Navision documents email-enabled.

Sending an email right after an event in your administrative system can still impress your customers, suppliers and other collaborators.

If your organization sells items and/or services over the Internet most customers will expect an email confirming the order. MailIT enables you to do this automatically using your existing email services.

Using MailIT is very easy because it supports the most common e-mail systems. This provides you with functionality such as multiple recipients, long message bodies and multiple file attachments.

MailIT implementation is uncomplicated and MailIT can be working in your organization in as little as 1 (one) hour.

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Use case scenarios:

1000 HTML-email newsletters with contact specific information is sent through an SMTP-server. The emails contain specific account information and pictures of the new products.

Order Confirmation
An email/fax order confirmation is prompted by a sales order and mailed to your customer. Shipment information and payment terms from the administrative system are included in the mail/fax.

Invoices are sent as HTML-email/fax with logo and picture of the company's residence and with the invoices attached as PDF-files.

Three different reminders are automatically sent based on the number of overdue days. The overdue invoices are attached as PDF-files and account information is included in the HTML-email.

Sales statistics
Each salesperson receives sales statistics on a daily basis or on request.

Purchase order
Purchase order information is sent directly to your vendor's sales department by email/fax. 


ExpandIT MailIT supports Navision from version 1.10 but also the following systems:

  • Active Server Pages
  • Visual Basic Script
  • Microsoft Visual Basic
  • Microsoft Business Solutions - Navision 3.56
  • Microsoft Business Solutions - Axapta
  • Microsoft Business Solutions - XAL
  • Microsoft Business Solutions - C5
  • Other COM based systems such as Visual Basic, Active Server Pages and many others
  • MailIT is compatible with the following email systems:

  • Microsoft Outlook Express. 
  • Microsoft Outlook.
  • All other mail clients that supports simple MAPI.
  • SMTP servers.

    Try the latest version of ExpandIT MailIT:

    ExpandIT MailIT comes with code expamples for a number of ERP systems including NAV/Navision.

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