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ExpandIT Client Manager for NAV/Navision:

ExpandIT Client Manager is something called 'Session Killer' and it helps IT administrators manage NAV/Navision clients across a network.
ExpandIT Client Manager Standard and Enterprise has a console that facilitate centralized system administration of NAV users to ensure the best possible use of the number of concurrent user-sessions allowed by the NAV license.

ExpandIT Client Manager Standard and Enterprise identifies all clients on a NAV server running ExpandIT Client Manager (Client only) within few seconds after starting up.

User name, computer name, and process ID are shown in a list. This enables you to identify each user of NAV clients. Furthermore, you can see which company each user is working at as well as the exact NAV version.

Maintenance of NAV becomes easier because you can force users off whenever necessary.
The build-in notification feature enables you to warn the users before they are logged off. You simply write a small message in ExpandIT Client Manager and a message box is shown on the user’s computer instantly.
In the option set configuration you can define the length of the 'Idle Timeout'; the 'Scheduled Shutdown'; the 'Instance Counter' which prevents session hogging; the 'Activity Detection' which keep sessions running reports alive; and you can activate 'Auto Termination' which ensures that there are always available sessions (ExpandIT Client Manager Enterprise only).

ExpandIT Client Manager (Client only) also called ExpandIT Client Control is included in ExpandIT Client Manager.
There are no changes to the NAV license or modifications to the objects.

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ExpandIT Client Manager (Client only)

ExpandIT Client Manager (Client only) used to be called ExpandIT Client Control and it is a desktop client that enable you to shut down idle session and set a schedule when clients have to shut down such as pm 9.00.

We were asked to create a central console so the different client types were easier to configure and it was easier to get an overview.

The two products were bundled so today you get ExpandIT Client Control now called ExpandIT Client Manager (Client only) when you buy ExpandIT Client Manager Standard and ExpandIT Client Manager Enterprise.

  • Supports Navision from version 1.10.
  • Supports Microsoft SQL Server and Native.
  • Supports running NAV/Navision through Citrix. 
  • Utilization of user license maximized.
  • Monitors Navision-related CPU activity to allow long reports.
  • Optimization of system.
  • Fully configurable.
  • Administrator has full control of time out and shutdown times.
  • Administrator can fully schedule activity on system.
  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • ExpandIT Client Manager Standard:

  • Supports NAV/Navision from version 1.10.
  • Microsoft SQL Server and Native.
  • List user name of active NAV users sessions.
  • Identify computers that run NAV user sessions.
  • List running user sessions.
  • Shows process information for user sessions.
  • Send messages to NAV users.
  • Shut down individual or groups of user sessions.
  • Terminate user sessions running on remote machines.
  • Central management of ExpandIT Client Control configurations.
  • 99 user group option sets.
  • Limit number of sessions per user for one user or groups of users.
  • Allows multiple installations of ExpandIT Client Manager.
  • Control period of inactivity before log off.
  • Set time for automatic shutdown of NAV user sessions.
  • Show time left before users sessions are automatically terminated.
  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • Use Case Scenarios:

  • Remote users are notified and asked to terminate their Navision user session before a routine maintenance of NAV. After 15 minutes the sessions still active are terminated.
  • All users outside Finance and IT are allowed one user session only.
  • The ‘most’ idle session is terminated to ensure access to Navision for new users and session based systems integration.
  • Users required to run heavy reports are allowed an extra user session and their ‘Activity Detection’ is set larger than zero to ensure that a session running a report is not terminated as idle.
  • The IT manager can document session usage and calculate when new sessions should be ordered to meet the required service level.

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    ExpandIT Client Manager Enterprise:

    ExpandIT Client Manager Enterprise features the Auto Termination functionality, which shuts down the most idle session.
    This feature automatically closes down the most idle clients when the number of users reaches the limit of the Navision license count.
    This feature will help user trying to log in to Navision get a free session.

    Try the latest version of ExpandIT Client Manager for free:

    ExpandIT Client Manager comes with a demonstration license with a three client limitation.

    » Download ExpandIT Client Manager and the documentation here.


    Quotation: Kenny Cowart, Corporate Director of IS, Crown Craft, Inc.:

    "The ExpandIT Client Manager provides an additional benefit for companies that licensed the ExpandIT desktop client. We can use the ExpandIT Client Manager to centrally manage when NAV sessions are terminated due to inactivity. We have the ability to group our users and provide different lengths of time a session is terminated base on the group we assign a user to. It also easily allows IT to terminate any or all NAV sessions as needed for database maintenance etc. It also allows IT to control the number of NAV sessions one user can have open at one time, preventing one use from hogging multiple licenses. It provides IT with a quick snapshot of the NAV activity from all users. The Client Manager in partnership with the desktop client has allow my company to get the most out of the NAV licenses we purchased. It has indeed been an investment that paid dividends beyond our expectations."

    Quotation: Karsten Aarhus, IT-manager, Bramidan A/S:

    "At Bramidan, ExpandIT Client Manager had the desired effect. We can manage the access to Navision, ensuring the employees who do not use Navision in a given period, is automatically switched off. It allows that other people can connect and we do not need to invest in additional Navision licenses. "

    Quote: Simon Revelman, General Manager - Info Services, Thorn Group Limited:

    "We launched Navision across our network and ran out of licenses by lunch time. We purchased and installed Expand IT Client Manager that night and it worked as promised. It automatically controlled the license usage and we didn't have to purchase anymore."

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