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- NAV/Navision scheduling in three easy steps


ExpandIT Launch Utility for NAV/Navision:

ExpandIT Launch Utility enables your organization to automate and schedule recurring jobs in NAV/Navision. These jobs could be periodic reports or statistics, import or export of data (dataport), or execution of stepwise operations (codeunits). By automating these jobs the Launch Utility enables you to increase quality, and save time and money at the same time. Key human resources that are not regular users of NAV can now have vital business information one mouse click away.

ExpandIT Launch Utility also enables your organization to schedule jobs at the most suitable hours and thereby interrupt daily work processes as little as possible. Every job, that the Launch Utility runs, is logged in order to trace problems and automate notification if intervention is necessary. Furthermore, ExpandIT Launch Utility is able to send a status report to the system administrator via email or SMS right after executing a task. The utility does not jeopardize the security because the Navision password is scrambled.

There are no changes to the NAV/Navision license or modifications to the objects.

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Product functionality and advantages in brief:

  • Automate and Schedule Jobs.
  • Intelligent Error Handling.
  • Logging of Events.
  • Security Support.
  • Independent of Language.
  • Passwords are Scrambled.
  • Supports NAV from version 1.10.
  • Status Report via Email or SMS.

  • Use case scenarios:

  • Financial status is automatically printed and distributed to the management team before every scheduled team meeting.
  • Pick lists are generated and printed early in the morning for the first work shift.
  • Production planning runs are initiated as soon as ExpandIT Backup Utility has completed the system backup.
  • The sales manager receives an email with a report over the top ten performing sales representatives.
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    ExpandIT Launch Utility comes with a demonstration license, that accepts companies with names starting with CRONUS.

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    Quote: Peter Jensen, CEO, Topspares A/S:

    "My dream of automated processing came true when we implemented Launch Utility."

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