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ExpandIT Internet Shop:

ExpandIT Internet Shop is designed from scratch to be tightly integrated with NAV/Navision and AX/Axapta without exposing them to security risks. Customer and item information is maintained in AX/NAV and only Internet specific information is added.

ExpandIT Internet Shop allows you to start small and let the extent and refinement of your web-application grow in the same pace as your success on the Internet.

ExpandIT Internet Shop makes it possible to build web-applications that extend the existing administrative systems (ERP). The web-applications can reside on the intranet, extranet and/or on the Internet and the connections to the administrative systems can be online, online-on-demand and/or synchronized.

ExpandIT Internet Shop is the ERP foundation for a number of very different web-applications.

  • ExpandIT Internet Shop is used in a health insurance organization to register incoming invoices on the intranet.
  • A large state department organization orders office supplies to worldwide offices on the intranet.
  • An ExpandIT Partner has specialized in technical requisition solutions for large organizations and has implemented solutions in hospitals and counties.
  • A labor organization uses ExpandIT Internet to distribute forms to the many local representations.

Piezas Y Partes - Testimonial

ERP related facilities:

  • Customer specific prices.
  • Customer specific invoice discounts.
  • Customer specific volume discounts.
  • Customer specif trade agreements.
  • Customer specific ledger entries/open balances
  • Multiple user profiles linked to same customer profile to ensure audit trail.
  • Multi-currency is transferred from the customer records in the administrative system.
  • Modification and reorder of old orders.
  • Supports more purchasers from the same customer.
  • Modification and reorder of old orders.
  • Supports more purchasers from the same customer.

General Information:

  • ExpandIT Internet can be hosted at an ISP.
  • Business information updated in AX/NAV is automatically synchronized with ExpandIT Internet.
  • Easy and user-friendly maintenance and organization of ERP-data such as item groups, item descriptions and pictures.
  • The multi-user, browser-based Catalog Manager is designed for non-technical staff.
  • Externally developed style sheets and templates are easy to incorporate.
  • Parameter controlled fields can be added or removed without programming.
  • Transactions such as orders are automatically – or manually – transferred into your existing business processes.
  • Availability, security and response time can be out-sourced to an ISP.
  • Automatically generated email to confirm/reject new orders.
  • Orders are electronically transferred to the administrative system for further processing.
  • Multi-user Catalog Manager.
  • Multi-language Catalog Manager (Danish, English, Swedish, German, Portuguese and Spanish).
  • Multi-language website.
  • Language tool included for easy translations.

Business-to-Consumer - B2C:

  • Customer and Item information maintained in AX/NAV.
  • Easy organization of an unlimited number of items.
  • List of favorite products.
  • Related products.
  • Size, color & style products.
  • New customers can register themselves directly.
  • The customers can browse through the Internet Shop without registration or login.
  • The customers can choose separate invoicing and shipping addresses.
  • The solution can be modified to serve other web applications.
  • Multi-language property can be switched on or off globally, on item groups or on individual items.
  • Danish, English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish languages included.
  • Volume discount managed in AX/Axapta & NAV/Navision.
  • Promotions managed in AX/Axapta & NAV/Navision.
  • Internet orders are registered on one or more generic customers in AX/Axapta & NAV/Navision.

Business-to-Business - B2B:

The ExpandIT Internet Shop™ enables your organization to serve multiple markets and businesses over the Internet.

You can offer your customers trade agreements, volume discounts, multiple currencies, multiple languages, ledger entries and credit card payments on the Internet, all maintained in the administrative systems.

You can also combine the information from more administrative systems using a feature called multiple configurations. Consequently, with ExpandIT Internet Shop you can present customized business information to various types of customers and markets worldwide. All this with the information maintained in the administrative systems as you do today.

With the discount features and the multiple languages and currencies you can service named customers and/or the general public. In other words, the ExpandIT Internet Shop can be used for sales over the Internet to businesses (business-to-business) and to consumers (business-to-consumers).

General Facilities:

  • Customer and Item information maintained in the administrative system.
  • Logins managed on the Customer card or on the Contact card.
  • Logins resent from the Customer card or Contact card.
  • Customers can change their information on the web after entering their password.
  • List of favorite products.
  • Automatically generated email to confirm/reject new orders.
  • ExpandIT MailIT enable HTML body and PDF attachment - installs in less than 1 hour.


Quote: Niels Peter Habekost, CFO, Catering Engros:

"We have had a very positive experience, not only with the solution, but with ExpandIT and EG. We have had excellent service, and more importantly, the two continue to work together to help us with our needs. They have definitely contributed to our success.”

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Quote: José Luis Alonse, CEO, Piezas y Partes:

"It was the only alternative available that would provide us with a high degree of automation and integration with NAV, a large number of credit facilities, plus a number of high volume installations in the field.”

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