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ExpandIT Backup Utility for NAV/Navision:

Are you sure that you have a consistent NAV backup? Just one missing record can prevent a successful restore of the entire NAV database. That's why NAV's own backup feature checks the consistency of the database. 

ExpandIT Backup Utility enables unmanned and scheduled use of the standard backup feature in NAV. ExpandIT Backup Utility uses NAV/Navision's own backup feature to ensure that the consistency of every backup is controlled before storage. ExpandIT Backup Utility is a unique tool that ensures consistent and reliable backup of you NAV, Navision Financial or Navision Attain systems. It enables unmanned and scheduled use of the standard NAV backup feature.

There are no changes to the NAV license or modifications to the objects.

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Use Case Scenarios:

  • After the routine batch processes are completed ExpandIT Backup Utility initiates a total backup of NAV.

  • Total backup of NAV at 03.00 hours every night when no user depends on access to the system.

  • The system administrator receives SMS at 9 pm and takes action immediately to correct failed backup execution.

  • ExpandIT Backup Utility compresses the backup file and sends it to a hosted backup service provider.

  • ExpandIT Backup Utility checks the consistency of the backup file to increase the chances of a successful restore.

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    ExpandIT Backup Utility Standard:

    ExpandIT Backup Utility is tailored to automate and schedule your backup processes so you will be able to run the backup at the most suitable hours. After executing a backup ExpandIT Backup Utility is able to send a status report to the system administrator via email or SMS.

    The utility provides backup functionality without jeopardizing the security because the Navision password is scrambled. Installation and deployment of the program is uncomplicated. Consequently, the requirement for consultancy is very limited which keeps the cost of ownership at a minimum.

    ExpandIT Backup Utility Standard allows you to:

  • Schedule a full or partial backup
  • Support of both native and Ms SQL database
  • Email notification
  • Troubleshooting in debug mode
  • Navision log in (encrypted)
  • Automated version control using date & time
  • ExpandIT Backup Utility Professional:

    ExpandIT Backup Utility Professional extends the functionality offered in the standard edition in multiple areas. It improves storages utilization, system management, individualization of backup jobs and is able to start other programs or tasks after each backup execution. Data amount in Navision systems typically accumulate over time. Consequently requirements to disk and backup tape space increases continuously. ExpandIT Backup Utility can compress your backup files with up to 80 percent, which ensures much more efficient storage utilization. ExpandIT Backup Utility has the following additional features:

  • Automated version control using date, time, weekday, name of weekday, short name of weekday, year, month, day and counter.
  • Change logging directory.
  • Report to event log.
  • Zip backup file.
  • Reduce use of disk space.
  • Event on Success.
  • Event on Error.
  • Variable Parameters.
  • ExpandIT Backup Utility Enterprise:

    ExpandIT Backup Utility Enterprise checks the consistency of the backup file. This means that not only is the running database checked but also the database in the backup file.

    This feature make ExpandIT Backup Utility Enterprise particularly well suited for organizations wishing to benefit from hosted backup.

    ExpandIT Backup Utility Enterprise is bundled with ExpandIT Database Tester, which tests that the SQL Server backup can be restored in NAV/Navision. The optimal setup is:

    • Test daily if the SQL Server backup can be restored*
    • Automate a regular (weekly?) 'real' NAV/Navision backup
    • Restore backup in a test environment  


    *If the SQL Server can be accessed by other programs then NAV/Navision data can be modified, which in turn will prevent a NAV/Navision restore.

    Try the latest version of ExpandIT Backup Utility for free:

    ExpandIT Backup Utility comes with a demonstration license that backs company data up only.

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    Quote: Henrik Frandsen, CIO, G. Falbe Hansen A/S:

    "With Backup Utility we could have saved one week of production downtime and our data."


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