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Why ExpandIT Mobile?

ExpandIT Mobile is a client/server standard software that enables your mobile professionals to create transactions in your ERP-system while on the road.

They have access to current ERP-information including open documents such as quotes, orders and invoices.

ExpandIT Mobile features dynamic offline/online usability; cross platform support; easy design using ThemeRoller and a bunch of other technology components that will enable you to support your business processes.

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Norges Sildesalgslag (Norwegian Fishermen’s Sales organisation for pelagic fish)

The price information is critical for the fishermen because it helps them determine what and consequently where to fish and where and to whom to deliver.
Norges Sildesalgslag had attempted to provide this information over the Internet via satellite. At EUR 7 per minute and bandwidth at 2-3 kbps this solution understandably had a hard time catching on among the cost conscious fishermen so Norges Sildesalgslag had to do something.

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Standard software

ExpandIT Mobile is a standard software where the technology components are developed and maintained by ExpandIT and the customer specific solution is developed and maintained by your systems integrator.

You benefit because the cost of the technology components is shared by many and because your mobile solution is implemented by someone who already knows your business.

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Why ExpandIT Mobile Service?

Would you like to get rid of worksheets, checklists and other paper based forms?

Would you like to plan service jobs using Planning Board and Map?

Would you like to invoice minutes after the jobs are completed

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Leverage your existing system

ExpandIT Mobile uses existing technology components in innovative ways. ExpandIT Mobile works with all versions of Navision and Damgaard ERP-systems including but not limited to the latest releases of AX 2012 & NAV 2013.

You benefit because you already have the necessary software working for you in your organization: "If it ain't broken, don't fix it."

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