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ExpandIT Database Tester:

Microsoft Dynamics NAV uses its database extensively. This puts a lot of stress on the server software and hardware. Sometimes programming errors in driver software or problems in hardware can cause database corruption. Database corruption can remain undetected for days or months until the data is needed. Consequences of data inconsistency can be disastrous to an organization. Recovery from a corrupted database may include restoring months old backups and stitching database tables manually.

There are no changes to the NAV license or modifications to the objects.

Please note that ExpandIT Database Tester is now part of ExpandIT Backup Utility Enterprise.

Contact us on sales@expandit.com and we can get you going today!

Automating Security Synchronization:

ExpandIT Database Tester allows you to schedule recurring tests in just three (3) easy steps:

Step 1: Give ExpandIT Database Tester the appropriate login credentials (encrypted).

Step 2: Determine when you want the job run and which jobs should run before and after.

Step 3: Create the Scheduled Tasks and complete the automation in the Windows Control Panel fitting the database tester into your other NAV and non-NAV jobs.

Daily Database Test:

When running NAV on SQL Server you should run the built in NAV database test after each SQL backup. This is necessary to know that the data you just backed up is consistent. An SQL backup will backup the data in your database. Any inconsistency will also be backed up because the SQL backup doesn’t know about the internal data model of NAV. Users of NAV running on the native database can also benefit from running daily tests to ensure consistency and detect errors as soon as possible.

Outside working hours:

While the database tester is running the system runs somewhat slower and many organizations therefore wish to run these jobs at night. After each job ExpandIT Database Tester can send a status report to you via email or SMS. The NAV password is scrambled both when configuring ExpandIT Database Tester but also when configurations are stored on your system.

Product functionalities and advantages in brief:

  • Automated and scheduled database test.
  • Status report on Email or SMS.
  • Logging.
  • Multiple configurations.
  • Passwords are encrypted.
  • Use case scenarios:

    A NAV installation runs on SQL Server. An automated database test is setup to run after the SQL backup is finished. The test will conclude if the backed up data was consistent and notify the system administrator via email.

    Try the latest version of ExpandIT Database Tester for free:

    ExpandIT Database Tester comes with a demonstration licens, which allows the user to see the setup process of a limited test.

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