We have had a very positive experience, not only with the solution, but with ExpandIT and EG. We have had excellent service, and more importantly, the two continue to work together to help us with our needs. They have definitely contributed to our success.
Niels Peter Habekost, CFO, Catering Engros

EIS Standard Software:

The current version of ExpandIT Internet Shop is the fifteenth version, which means that the average lifespan of a version is twelve months. In this version we have accumulated end-customer experience and implemented use of Twitter Bootstrap. 
Below you can find a list of the changes in the recent version.



Web Site:
- Reprogrammed in HTML5 compliant .NET MVC

- Support for NAV 2015. 
- Support for AX 2012.

Catalog Manager:
- New user interface (Beta)


Web Site:
- All previous released hotfixes are included.
- Support for Twitter Bootstrap.
- Responsive design via Twitter Bootstrap

- Improved requirement analysis process. 
- Improved implementation process.
- Improved 

- Support for NAV 2013. 
- Support for AX 2012.

Catalog Manager:
- Content management in Catalog Manager of multiple websites. 

EIS 4.1

Web Site:
- All previous released hotfixes are included.
- Content management included. 
- Improved NAV/Navision Business logic.
- Improved AX/Axapta Business logic.
- Improved setting of Require Catalog Entry.
- Improved search on properties.
- Improved emails in text format.
- Support for CDOSYS when sending mails.
- Updated DIBS form.
- Improved debugging functionality.
- Improved update of MiniCart.
- Updated CurrencyIso4217 table with new currencies.

- Improved information on how to add fields to the Cart. 
- Improved Getting Started guide.
- Improved Requirements section.

- Updated support for NAV/Navision.
- Updated support for XAL.
- Updated support for C5.
- Updated support for AX/Axapta.
- Support for "granule version" of NAV/Navision objects.
- Improved test of Live Web Server.

Catalog Manager:
- Support for extracting/injecting single tables during development.
- Log file handling. Now writes one log file per day.
- Multi language.
- Multi user.
- Content management. 
- Show active tables first in Configuration Tool.
- Improved test of "live site" from Configuration Tool and FTPTransport.
- Dynamic filters in Extractor and Injector.
- Can now remove references to MVC and .NET 3.5 in the web.config on upload.
- Support for special remote versions of files.
- Can now upload views.
- Use of NAV/Navision indexes when extracting from NAV/Navision.
- Improved MakeCat.vbs for automatic catalog creation.
- Web based Catalog Manager.
- Removal of old updatexxxxxxx.mdb.asp from "live web site".

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